You can order the Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR starting tomorrow

This is the new Mac Pro. Samuel Axon And here’s a rear view. Samuel Axon Let’s zoom in to see some of the ports in this configuration. Samuel Axon There’s more to see at the bottom. Samuel Axon On top, you’ll notice a couple more ports, a power button, and this handle. When you grab […]

Pixel 4 “Feature Drop” is a first of several planned quarterly updates

The Pixel 4 is getting some new features. (The rest of the images in this gallery are gifs provided by Google.) Here’s how automatic call screening will work. You’ll get a transcript on the call screen for unknown callers, and a transcript in the call log. Google Photo’s background blurring feature. Even after taking a […]

Apple releases macOS Catalina 10.15.2, iOS and iPadOS 13.3

Enlarge / The 2019 16-inch MacBook Pro. Samuel Axon As has become a custom, Apple has simultaneously released software updates for nearly its entire suite of consumer products today—including iOS 13.3, iPadOS 13.3, macOS Catalina 10.15.2, watchOS 6.1.1, tvOS 13.3—and an update for HomePods. All updates should be available to all users by the end […]

The Snapdragon 865 will make phones worse in 2020, thanks to mandatory 5G

Enlarge / A more accurately labeled Snapdragon 865. Qualcomm/Ron Amadeo Qualcomm recently took the wraps off its flagship SoC for 2020, the Snapdragon 865. As usual, we can expect this chip in all the high-end Android smartphones in 2020, and it’s 25 percent faster than last year, with fancy new camera features and AI-accelerating co-processors. […]

The Best Tech Gifts 2019: Keyboards, Monitors, and Work Tech

Enlarge / It’s not easy to please everyone when it comes to gifting. But trust us, everyone could use a password manager. Tara Moore / Getty Images Ars Holiday 2019 View more stories So far, our 2019 holiday gift guide series has covered gifts for those on a budget, gifts for frequent travelers, and gifts […]

Fewer than 10% of Americans are buying $1,000 smartphones, report says

Enlarge / The Samsung Galaxy Note10. We’ve already seen indications that American consumers are holding onto their smartphones longer than before, posing challenges for companies like Apple and Samsung for whom mobile phone sales are important to the bottom line. A new NPD report reiterates that point but adds that fewer than 10 percent of […]

Chrome 79 will continuously scan your passwords against public data breaches

Google Google’s password checking feature has slowly been spreading across the Google ecosystem this past year. It started as the “Password Checkup” extension for desktop versions of Chrome, which would audit individual passwords when you entered them, and several months later it was integrated into every Google account as an on-demand audit you can run on all […]

Nebula VPN routes between hosts privately, flexibly, and efficiently

Last month, the engineering department at Slack—an instant messaging platform commonly used for community and small business organization—released a new distributed VPN mesh tool called Nebula. Nebula is free and open source software, available under the MIT license. It’s difficult to coherently explain Nebula in a nutshell. According to the people on Slack’s engineering team, […]

Holiday Gift Guide 2019: 9 Gift Ideas For Tech Lovers

Enlarge / Everyone has someone in their life who demands the latest and greatest. This is the tech we think qualifies. Flashpop / Getty Images Ars Holiday 2019 View more stories The last installment in our five-part holiday gift guide series this year is tailored for power users—those who know their way around technology and […]

Deep Learning breakthrough made by Rice University scientists

In an earlier deep learning article, we talked about how inference workloads—the use of already-trained neural networks to analyze data—can run on fairly cheap hardware, but running the training workload that the neural network “learns” on is orders of magnitude more expensive. In particular, the more potential inputs you have to an algorithm, the more […]